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Мы много работаем, чтобы обеспечить для вас самый лучший сервис, и мы гордимся работой, которую выполняем. Пожалуйста, позвольте нам немного похвастаться...

Посмотрите, кто нас любит:

    Great company, always helpful customer service. Useful for those things that would be difficult or expensive to ship internationally.

    Tim De Los Reyes - facebook, 07/01/2016

    Trans Atlantic Cargo... You are GREAT. Thanks a lot to Miss Kaeiara for her great help and support and she deserves a 5 stars.

    Hisham Khalaf - facebook, 04/01/2014

    New to Trans Atlantic Cargo, still yet to receive my first shipment, but so far pretty impressed with the online chat help, agent named Vivian answered all my questions and was very helpful.

    Sherrie Xiong - facebook, 12/12/2013

    Thanks Trans Atlantic Cargo! Customer service for helping me out on some voucher issues. It's been a great help, indeed. Looking forward to ship out my items soon.

    Marcel Ignatius - facebook, 11/12/2013

    Thank you Trans Atlantic Cargo, really you are a very good company.

    Mohamed Salah - facebook, 08/12/2013

    The best customer service. I score 1000!

    Ankur - Chat survey, 07/12/2013

    Great service!

    Chan Su Liang - Chat survey, 06/12/2013

    So far I have no problem with Trans Atlantic Cargo and hopefully there will never be.

    Chris - Chat survey, 04/12/2013

    Great support team :) Thanks Katerina for supporting me all the day hehe :) Good job and good luck Trans Atlantic Cargo. Amine From France.

    Amine Mansouri - facebook, 04/12/2013

    I received my items today... There was a delay... But I won't complain as items arrived safe and secure. I still trust and will use your services @Trans Atlantic Cargo. Will post a review or pics later after getting home... Also thanks to the CS to keep answering my questions and giving hope always.

    Pradeep Farkya - facebook, 26/11/2013

    Pleasantly suprised with such quick and efficient handling of my package from the US. Customer service is readily available and helpful. Totally impressed!!

    Samuel Johnson - facebook, 26/11/2013

    I just want to thank you, the agent who took an extra mile to search for the product manually by the warehouse team. I think these are the guys who really lay a strong foundation to your company :) thanks so much once again.

    Nack - Chat Survey, 22/11/2013

    You re-packed my goods into a smaller DHL pouch, free of charge. Also, my shipping charges were considerably reduced.Thanks a lot for that! Cheers!

    Nupur Gupta - facebook, 10/10/2013

    From a US merchant which I needed urgently for an upcoming event.The merchant took 6 days for delivering it to the local address of Trans Atlantic Cargo but surprisingly, they were delivered to my home address in India just the third day after I ordered a release from Trans Atlantic Cargo !! You guys are just amazing... Hats off to you.. I'm really impressed with the service quality.

    Sahil Khan - facebook, 09/10/2013

    Buying things from UK and US is such a breeze now.

    Puspanathan Govindasamy

    Awesome LiveChat service once again. Trans Atlantic Cargo never fail to impress. Thank you so much!

    Sihui Chen

    I had the pleasure to talk with Gelna. Excellent service!!! Until now the best Customer Service representative.

    Mario Weissleder

    Just want to say that first time using Trans Atlantic Cargo, it was AWESOME! No problems, no glitches, and I'm already planning to use it again! Thanks Trans Atlantic Cargo!

    Jonno Wilson

    Excellent Customer Service! =D Cheers!!

    Ileana Fraijo

    Just received my parcel from you! Amazingly quick delivery from the USA! Shipped on Friday here today :) 3 working days! Thanks so much!

    Jen Lindsay

    If anyone needs a fabulous parcel forwarding service try Trans Atlantic Cargo! I shipped a package from the USA on Friday (USA time) and it was here today!!

    Lovely Living - Love The Life You're Living

    I believe in giving credit when due. I ordered my Kindle 1.5 weeks ago from Amazon. Decided to give Trans Atlantic Cargo a try. To my pleasant surprise, it was delivered to my home safely via DHL and i am a proud owner of the Kindle now. Thanks Trans Atlantic Cargo.

    Louis Tan

    I will definitely use this service again. I highly recommend Trans Atlantic Cargo for all users, definitely those living in Australia. They really do a great job at what they are doing. Thanks.

    Scottie Paterson

    It's my 1st time shopping with Trans Atlantic Cargo and thanks for the prompt 'n efficient service. Got my Kate Spade bags earlier than expected :)

    Janice Chen Chin Lin

    Thanks for the support and the great delivery... Super :)

    Sebastian Kraft

    Love you guys! Thank you very much, got my iPhone today!! Excellent service and good job you did . :)

    Cem Dior

    Just want to thank Trans Atlantic Cargo for fast delivery.

    Montathar Faraon

    Thank you Trans Atlantic Cargo for this very fast service . Very good work :)

    Stef Fen

    Thanks borderlinx and DHL! Got my little thing on Friday morning! Perfect tracking and good Customer Support !!! I will recommend it.

    Daniel R.J. Stecher

    I have to say thank you! 2 days for scanning, then 1 day later shipping and in 24 hours the package was in Austria! Sealed, Original, no Problem!

    Ufuk Yilmaz

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